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DotW 134 April Fools Special: Guilty Pleasures

DotW 134: Guilty Pleasures

In this episode we’re going to play for you some selected tracks from our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ list of music that, while we enjoy it (and possibly even purchased it) we aren’t so willing to drag these tracks out when our Metal brothers and sisters are over listening to some tunes.

We’ve each selected 5 tracks to share with you, so tune in and hang on – it’s going to get interesting!


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Ep130: 2018 Music Special

Episode 130: 2018 Music Special

In this episode, we’re sharing with you some personally selected tracks that came out in 2018. Plus we’ll discuss other notable songs and releases that came out last year, and we’ll look forward to 2019!

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Ep. 126 Independent Music Special 2017 Pt. 2

Episode 126 – Independent Music 2017 Pt. 2

Brothers and Sisters! It’s time again for our semi-annual independent music special!

The following bands are the independent artists that we shared with you all in the second half of 2017, and to celebrate these artists we put together a music special with no talking (just an intro) and a play list that will hopefully turn you on to some new talent, or remind you of a band that we played last year that you perhaps forgot to check out.

The bands are played in blocks of 4 (except the last) and are preceded with a number. If’n a band trips your trigger, you’ll find the blocks and artists – in order of being played – below. Show these bands some love,  won’t you?

Here we go!:
Block/Previous Episode number
Artist name
Country represented
Song being played

A Rebel Few
Born Again

Mega Colossus
Betta Master

Without Mercy
In Waves

A Dream Set Fire
Thy Flesh Beneath

Celestial Ruin
Sense of Exile

Til The Dawn
(No active link)

Next of Kin

Samadhi Sitaram
Shangri La

Glass Mind

Toxic Ruin
The Human Condition

Hopeless Youth
The Price To Pay

Binary Creed 
Lurking in the Shadows

A Devil’s Din
Nature of the Beast

Tears of Tragedy

Amusing the Devil
(No active link)

Perfection Collapsed

Sound Storm
The Dragonfly

Vow of Thorns
Meeting on the Astral Plane

Hidden Intent
Addicted to Thrash

Turn of the Screw

Urban Aliens
Total Bruntage

Eat My Shit Motherfucker

DotW Independent Music Special 2016 Pt. 2

Independent Music Special 2016 Pt2

Hibria (Fools Paradise/XX)
Rhine (An Outsider/An Outsider)
Akhenaten (Ninurta/Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla) Skurk (Darkness/Final Gift)

Gomorrah (Cerulian/The Haruspex)
Fallen Angels (Nightmare/World In Decay)
Cerbero (Martyr/2016 Album Preview)
Tempestuous (Imprint/Born Into These Waters)

Jessikill (Midnight Rush/Metal Knight)
Wormwitch (Coffin Birth/Coffin Birth [Single])
Enoid (Nouveau Cycle Destructeur/Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments)
Van Halst (Save Me/World of Make Believe)

Grotesque Ceremonium (Defiled Spirits of Unholy Torments/Demonic Inquisition)
Rapheumet’s Well (Killing The Colossus/Enders Door)
Divinity (Conquer/The Immortalist)
Sorizon (Lay To Waste/End of Entrapment)

Buffalo Theory (Psychic Enclosure/Skeptic Knight)
Night Legion (Night Legion/Night Legion [Single])
Demise of the Crown (Black Rain/Black Rain [Single])
Seventh Calling (Perfect Silence/Battle Call)

Mid-Year Independent Music Review 2016


Independent Music Special 2016 Pt 1

Disciples! It’s that time of year where we celebrate the independent artists that we featured on the podcast for the first half of 2016!

Here’s who you get for this episode, followed by the name of the track we played. Please support these artists:

Brandon Mohlis – Old Scratch
Deathinition – My Personal Maniac Fear
Terrifier – Wretched Damnation
Love N War – 710 Groove
Wilt – Illusion of Hope
Shallow Ground – Human Flame
Manticore – Amongst the Wolves
Death is the Navigator – Heliognosis
Soulstorm – Pulp (Godflesh cover)
Ritual Slaughter – Demonic Conversions
Astride The Line – Lifeless Eyes
Digital Doomzday – Dark Waters
Amken – Shattered Sanity
Cymothoa – Dawn of the Shred
Deformatory – Obsequium
I.N.G. – Trinity
Angerhead – Endless Nightmare
Plague of Stars – Legacy
Sanktuary – Space Race
Corners of Sanctuary – Metal Machine
Devilspeak – Violently Leading the Blind
Flames of Fury – Save Yourself
Like Animals – Jungle Book of Love

2015 Independent Music Special!


Independent Music Special 2015

That’s right kids – it’s that time of the year where we’ll be jammin’ to the artists that we played last year. This will be our last ‘yearly’ post for independents as we’ll now be going to 2 times a year since you guys were so awesome and now we’re flooded with music!

Here’s a list of the artists played, followed by where in the world they are, followed by the name of the song. Please support any artists that you are interested in!

And remember…. STAY HEAVY!


Block 1
1. Meridian – Santiago, CHILE – All 4 One
2. Caveat – Eau Claire, WI USA – Pyramid of Greatness Pt. 1
3. Junkyard Lipstick – Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA – Bioterror
4. Ataxia – London, Ontario CANADA – Scar Remains
5. Red Desert – Minneapolis, MN USA – Lust Queen

Block 2
1. Flummox – Murfreesboro, TN USA – The Ghost of Ronnie Dio
2. Rusted Brain – Warsaw, POLAND – Bloodpath
3. Dissident Clone – St. Paul, MN USA – Servile Selector
4. Dawn of Valor – St. Paul, MN USA – Comrades in Arms
5. Dogmatic Absolution – Modena ITALY – The Eternal Promise

Block 3
1. Devastador – San Luis, Republica Argentina – Aqui me Ves
2. Promidal – Minneapolis, MN USA– Pulchritudo In Mortem
3. Iron Kingdom – Surrey, British Columbia CANADA – Ride for Glory
4. Funeste – Montreal, Quebec CANADA – Diptera
5. Matrekis – St. Paul, MN USA – The End of Time

Block 4
1. Cantharone – St. Paul, MN USA – Hel
2. Save Our Souls – Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL – Soul Domination
3. Eternal Voyager – Minneapolis, MN USA – Sands of Time
4. Gorgatron – Fargo, ND USA – Inner Supremecy
5. Cryptopsy – Montreal, Quebec CANADA – Detritus (The One They Kept)

Block 5
1. Kobaloi – Brainerd, MN USA – Inhume
2. Matter in the Medium – London, Ontario CANADA – Centauri

2015 Mid-Year Independent Music Special

Mid-Year Music Special 2015

This is a special mid-year episode highlighting all of the independent artists that we’ve played so far in 2015!  In all cases these are different songs than the ones that we played on the episode in which they appear, and Promidal even sent us a shiny new track from their forthcoming album!

Please click on the links and check out these artists, won’t you?

Track list

Episode #/Band Name/Location/Song (Album Info)

25. Meridian – Santiago, CHILE – Meridian (The Devil You Don’t Know VA DigitalMetalWorld release)
26. Caveat – Eau Claire, WI USA – Kobayashi Maru (Kobayashi Maru)
27. Junkyard Lipstick – Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA – Bioterror (Butcher’s Delight)
28. Ataxia – London, Ontario CANADA – Manipulated Ascendancy (Calignious)
29. Red Desert – Minneapolis, MN USA – Older No Wiser (Damned by Fate)
30. Flummox – Murfreesboro, TN USA – Planet Cancer (Phlommoxogen)

31. Rusted Brain – Warsaw, POLAND – Bloodpath (High Voltage Thrash)
32. Dissident Clone – St. Paul, MN USA – Eye of the Wound (State of Dysphoria)
33. Dawn of Valor – St. Paul, MN USA – The Land (DoV EP)
34. Dogmatic Oppression – Modena ITALY – Bringer of Light (Poetries of Oppression)
35. Devastador – San Luis, Republica Argentina – Aqui me Ves (Single, Remastered)

36. Promidal – Minneapolis, MN – Pulchritudo In Mortem ( Simul iustus et Peccator )

2014 Independent Music Feature

2014 Independent Music Review

This is a special Independent Music review from artists we played in 2014. Enjoy!

Key: Episode # / Artist / Location / Web Link / Song Played (Song from Episode)

1. Expyre – St. Paul, MN USA
> Nightmares (Originally played Project Mayhem)

2. Black on High – Omaha, NE USA
> Division (Originally played Gnomad)

3. The Serpent Overlord – Wichita, KS
> Witch Cvnt (Originally played Snake)

4. Detritus – Prescott, WI
> Priapus (Originally played The Whip)

5. Pirosaint – Santiago, CHILE
> Real Psychology (Originally played Tonight [Single])

6. Dave Reffet’s Shredding the Envelope – Boston, MA USA
> Devil’s Roadmap (featuring Chris Poland and Glen Drover) (Originally played Call of the Flames)

7. Nervosa – Sao Paulo BRAZIL
> Time of Death off of the album of the same name (Originally played Death! from their newer release Victim of Yourself)

8. Green Death – Des Moines, IA USA
> Possessions (Featuring Anders Colsefni, formerly of Slipknot and currently with Painface) (Originally played Death Monks)

9. Daemonokrat – Sicily, ITALY
> Hammercrush (Originally played Predator)

10. Cwn Annwn – St. Paul, MN USA –
> Embodied Chaos (Originally played Stay Forever)

11. Gryzor – Minneapolis, MN USA
> Atrocity (Originally played Flesh of the Fallen)

12. We Are Legion – Minneapolis, MN USA
> Der Erlkonig (Originally played A Celestial Awakening)

13. Fuka – Santiago, CHILE
> En Guerra (Originally played Cierra Los Ojos)

14. The Grande Machine – Minneapolis, MN USA –
> Days of Convenience (Originally played Wild in the Street)

15. Prypiat – St. Cloud, MN USA
> An Earthly Closure (Originally played Pins & Needles/The Gamma Infinity)

16. Clobberboot – Minneapolis, MN USA
> Gargonzola (Originally played Clobberboot)

17. Haunted Wisconsin – River Falls, WI USA
> Back to Her Thighs off of their 2012 demo (Originally played White Sunday off of 2014’s “Missing Women” EP)

18. Reverend Poky Bunge – St. Louis Park, MN USA
> Krusty Old Son of a Bitch (Originally played Drool on my Cock)

19. Castle Freak – Philadelphia, PA USA
> Sherm (Originally played Beneath the Streets)

20. Mortificator – Minneapolis, MN USA
> Padded Room Symphony (Originally played Loss of Soul)

21. Wicked Inquisition – Minneapolis, MN USA
> Brainstorm (Originally played Jester’s Clown)

22. Nostril Caverns – Ontario, CANADA
> The Dying’s Last Breath (Originally played Perceiving the Psychological Blur)

23. Tomorrow Brings New Blood – St. Paul, MN USA
> The Fall of Troy (Originally played Super Heavy Metal)

24. Coraxo – Tampere, FINLAND
> Tangier (Originally played The Bastion)

– Minneapolis, MN
> Pierced Through the Heart