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208 Gimme5: Lamb Of God


It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Gimme5’ special, so here we go – AND – I dug into the vaults for this list. It’s a submission from Brady Goble (USA) and it’s 5 hand-picked songs from Lamb Of God.

Will Brady’s picks turn you on to the band? Tune in and find out.

Visit to see what Brady is up to!

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– Gene

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174 Gimme Five: Mike Howe/Metal Church


With the passing of Mr. Mike Howe, lead singer of Metal Church, I decided to do a special Mike Howe-led Metal Church ‘Gimme Five’ episode.

I hand-picked 5 songs to highlight what the band has to offer and hope to turn you into a fan.

So kick back, turn it up and enjoy.

– Gene

DotW 154 – Gimme Five: Peter Green

Gimme 5: Peter Green


With the passing of guitar legend Peter Green, I decided to push forward with my Peter Green list of songs for a future episode of Gimme 5 and present it this week instead.

Thank you, Mr. Green, for such beautiful music, and for inspiring so many others with your contributions.

– Gene

Episode 154 – G5 – Peter Green

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DotW 153 – Gimme Five: Sepultura


Gene here with a solo episode! I’ve revived my old ‘Gimme Five’ segment from our older episodes and created a podcast around the idea, and this time with the songs included!

First up: Sepultura!

Episode 153 – Gimme Five: Sepultura

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