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200: Our Live Music ‘Personal Top 10s’


IT’S HERE! Our 200th Episode!
To Celebrate, we did some soul-searching, and some REsearching to create our very own ‘Personal Top 10 Live Albums’ selections.

But wait!
There’s more!

We’ve asked some special guest podcasters to contribute their own personal top 5 or top 10’s to join in the celebration: Cobras & Fire, Decibel Geek Podcast, Growing Up Rock, Rock Strikes Ten and Talk Toomey.

Tune in, turn it up, and rock on.
And more importantly, STAY HEAVY!

Contributor Links:

Cobras & Fire:
Decibel Geek Podcast:
Growing Up Rock:
Rock Strikes Ten:
Talk Toomey:

Full List of Top lists will be available at our Website ( and our Facebook Page ( in the comments section for this post.

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Ep. 131 Featuring Music From Lung Flower and Massive Scar Era

Episode 131 Featuring Music From Lung Flower and Massive Scar Era

In this episode we’ll discuss some current events, well check in to see what Nate’s been listening to lately, we’ll enjoy some independent music from Lung Flower and Massive Scar Era, and we’ll wrap the show sharing and comparing our top 10 Judas Priest albums to other lists.

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What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Danzig
Album: 777 I Luciferi
Song: Black Mass

G1. Megadeth’s new studio album is “heavy as hell”

N2. OVERKILL’s BOBBY ‘BLITZ’ ELLSWORTH Says ‘The Wings Of War’ Has ‘Old Is New Again’ Vibe

G3. Have AC/DC finished recording their new album?

Artist: Lung Flower
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
from the Album: Effigy
the Song is: Death on the Crowsnest

N4. OZZY OSBOURNE’s ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ Certified Quintuple Platinum

G5. Graham Bonnet Relaunches Altactrazz With Guitarist JOE STUMP; New Studio Album In The Works

N6. EYEHATEGOD Frontman Fires Back At Lawmaker: ‘Your Moral Crusade Against Basic Human Rights Will Be Fought At Every Turn’

Artist: Massive Scar Era
Location: Cairo, Egypt/Vancouver, BC Canada
from the Album: Color Blind [EP]
the Song is: Color Blind
If you’re in a band and you’d like to be considered to be played on the Disciples of the Watch podcast, please email us at 
Top 10 Judas Priest Albums – A Philosophical Discussion
Gene and Nate compare their Top 10 Judas Priest albums compared to Kerrang, Loudwire, Ultimate Classic Rock, Ranker and Bakko from the Cobras and Fire Podcast chimes in with his list as well!

Ranker List – Fan Voted
1. Painkiller
2. Screaming Vengeance
3. Defenders Of The Faith
4. British Steel
5. Stained Class
6. Sad Wings Of Destiny
7. Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather
8. Sin After Sin
9. Firepower
10. Point Of Entry

Ultimate Classic Rock – Ranked by Ultimate Classic Rock
1. British Steel
2. Stained Class
3. Screaming For Vengeance
4. Sad Wings Of Destiny
5. Painkiller
6. Defenders Of The Faith
7. Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather
8. Sin After Sin
9. Angel Of Retribution
10. Redeemer Of Souls

Loudwire – Ranked by Loudwire
1. Defenders Of The Faith
2. Screaming For Vengeance
3. Sad Wings Of Destiny
4. British Steel
5. Stained Class
6. Painkiller
7. Sin After Sin
8. Firepower
9. Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather
10. Angel Of Retribution

Kerrang – Ranked by Kerrang
1. Defenders Of The Faith
2. British Steel
3. Painkiller
4. Screaming For Vengeance
5. Sin After Sin
6. Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather
7. Firepower
8. Sad Wings Of Destiny
9. Angel Of Retribution
10. Turbo

In our next episode, we’re going to go track by track on Overkill’s ‘The Wings of War!’

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Artist: Judas Priest
Album: Painkiller
Song: Painkiller