2015 Mid-Year Independent Music Special

Mid-Year Music Special 2015

This is a special mid-year episode highlighting all of the independent artists that we’ve played so far in 2015!  In all cases these are different songs than the ones that we played on the episode in which they appear, and Promidal even sent us a shiny new track from their forthcoming album!

Please click on the links and check out these artists, won’t you?

Track list

Episode #/Band Name/Location/Song (Album Info)

25. Meridian – Santiago, CHILE – Meridian (The Devil You Don’t Know VA DigitalMetalWorld release)
26. Caveat – Eau Claire, WI USA – Kobayashi Maru (Kobayashi Maru)
27. Junkyard Lipstick – Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA – Bioterror (Butcher’s Delight)
28. Ataxia – London, Ontario CANADA – Manipulated Ascendancy (Calignious)
29. Red Desert – Minneapolis, MN USA – Older No Wiser (Damned by Fate)
30. Flummox – Murfreesboro, TN USA – Planet Cancer (Phlommoxogen)

31. Rusted Brain – Warsaw, POLAND – Bloodpath (High Voltage Thrash)
32. Dissident Clone – St. Paul, MN USA – Eye of the Wound (State of Dysphoria)
33. Dawn of Valor – St. Paul, MN USA – The Land (DoV EP)
34. Dogmatic Oppression – Modena ITALY – Bringer of Light (Poetries of Oppression)
35. Devastador – San Luis, Republica Argentina – Aqui me Ves (Single, Remastered)

36. Promidal – Minneapolis, MN – Pulchritudo In Mortem ( Simul iustus et Peccator )