Mid-Year Independent Music Review 2016


Independent Music Special 2016 Pt 1

Disciples! It’s that time of year where we celebrate the independent artists that we featured on the podcast for the first half of 2016!

Here’s who you get for this episode, followed by the name of the track we played. Please support these artists:

Brandon Mohlis – Old Scratch
Deathinition – My Personal Maniac Fear
Terrifier – Wretched Damnation
Love N War – 710 Groove
Wilt – Illusion of Hope
Shallow Ground – Human Flame
Manticore – Amongst the Wolves
Death is the Navigator – Heliognosis
Soulstorm – Pulp (Godflesh cover)
Ritual Slaughter – Demonic Conversions
Astride The Line – Lifeless Eyes
Digital Doomzday – Dark Waters
Amken – Shattered Sanity
Cymothoa – Dawn of the Shred
Deformatory – Obsequium
I.N.G. – Trinity
Angerhead – Endless Nightmare
Plague of Stars – Legacy
Sanktuary – Space Race
Corners of Sanctuary – Metal Machine
Devilspeak – Violently Leading the Blind
Flames of Fury – Save Yourself
Like Animals – Jungle Book of Love

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