DotW Independent Music Special 2016 Pt. 2

Independent Music Special 2016 Pt2

Hibria (Fools Paradise/XX)
Rhine (An Outsider/An Outsider)
Akhenaten (Ninurta/Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla) Skurk (Darkness/Final Gift)

Gomorrah (Cerulian/The Haruspex)
Fallen Angels (Nightmare/World In Decay)
Cerbero (Martyr/2016 Album Preview)
Tempestuous (Imprint/Born Into These Waters)

Jessikill (Midnight Rush/Metal Knight)
Wormwitch (Coffin Birth/Coffin Birth [Single])
Enoid (Nouveau Cycle Destructeur/Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments)
Van Halst (Save Me/World of Make Believe)

Grotesque Ceremonium (Defiled Spirits of Unholy Torments/Demonic Inquisition)
Rapheumet’s Well (Killing The Colossus/Enders Door)
Divinity (Conquer/The Immortalist)
Sorizon (Lay To Waste/End of Entrapment)

Buffalo Theory (Psychic Enclosure/Skeptic Knight)
Night Legion (Night Legion/Night Legion [Single])
Demise of the Crown (Black Rain/Black Rain [Single])
Seventh Calling (Perfect Silence/Battle Call)


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