DotW 96 TxT – Black Sabbath: Forbidden

Episode 96 (March 1st, 2018)

In this episode, we’re going to go ‘Track by Track’ on an album that we’ve never experienced, Black Sabbath’s ‘Forbidden.’

Forbidden was released in 1995, between 1994’s ‘Cross Purposes’ and the return of Ozzy Osbourne on their final studio release 2013’s ’13.’

Follow along to see what we thought of this much-maligned release!

* Tony Iommi – guitars (All Black Sabbath albums)
* Tony Martin – vocals (The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross and Tyr; then Cross Purposes & Forbidden)
* Cozy Powell – drums (Headless Cross, Tyr & Forbidden)
* Neil Murray – bass (Tyr & Forbidden)
* Geoff Nicholls – keyboards (Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Born Again, Seventh Star, The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr, Dehumanizer, Cross Purposes & Forbidden)

Additional musicians
* Ice-T – additional vocals on “The Illusion of Power”

* Ernie C – producer, engineer, mixing at Ridge Farm Studio, UK

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