2017 Independent Music Special, Part 1

Independent Music Special 2017 – Part 1


It’s time yet again for our Independent Music Special! What we have for you this episode are artists from the first half of 2017’s episodes.

Below is a list of the artists and links in their respective order and brackets. Support these artists please!

Thank you to the bands for their efforts, and thank you to the Disciples for supporting them and our show.

– Nate and Gene

Thank you for your support!

Block/(Previous Ep. No.) Band Location Song from previous episode: Song in this episode
1/69 Éohum Canada Eurocide Ode To A Martyr
1/69 St. James USA The Road Crimes of the Heart
1/70 Thermit Poland The Last Meal of the King Perfect Plan
1/70 Among the Serpents USA Be Blood or Stone Gods Led Astray
2/71 Solitude Japan Don’t Need Mercy Venom’s Angel
2/71 Projekt F Canada Tongue Fat Man
2/72 Blasted to Static USA Repossessed of Nothing Suicide King
2/72 The Black Crown Italy Clay Wheel
3/73 Red Skies Canada Rough Sleepers New Voice
3/73 Ritual of Odds Greece Ritual Of IX Hunt You Down
3/74 Awakened Inferno New Zealand Dystopia Dystopia
3/74 Chalice of Suffering USA For You I Die Alone
4/75 Saints of Death Canada Army of the Dead Revolution
4/75 Gape Australia Prolapsed Pleasures Exploit the Moist
4/76 Hex Vortices USA Bitter End Blood and Blade
4/76 Céu em Chamas Brazil Gritos e Sussurros (Cries and whispers) Gritos e Sussurros (Cries and whispers)
5/77 The Great Sabatini Canada The Ear Collector I’m Not the Man of the Hour
5/77 Outside The Murder USA Under A Black Star Eyes Wide
Naioth Chile Transhuman Communication Transhuman Communication
5/78 Helion Prime USA Remnants Of Stars Into the Black Hole
6/79 Godstopper Canada  It’s Allright A Prayer
6/79 Avenger of Blood USA Instruments of Chaos Bloodseeker
6/80 Heart Avail USA Vacillation Broken Fairytale
6/80 Black Absinthe Canada Winter Now