DowT #169 featring Music from Archangel A.D. and CRS


Here we are with episode 1*6*9!
In this episode we’ll discuss some current events, well check in to see what Nate’s been listening to lately, we’ll enjoy some independent music from ‘Archangel A.D.’ and ‘CRS’, and we’ll wrap the show talking about the ’10 glam metal albums you should definitely own’ according to!

Have a week!


What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Electric Ladyland
Song: Voodoo Chile
G1.  Jeff Loomis Added to Historic Roster of Guitarists for Alcatrazz

N2. TED NUGENT Once Again Repeats Baseless Conspiracy Theory That Capitol Rioters Were ‘Black Lives Matter’ And ‘Antifa’ Supporters

>> TED NUGENT To Begin Recording New Album Next Week>>>>>

G3. ‘Intergalactic’ metal band GWAR has its own Virginia whiskey now available!
Artist: Archangel A.D.
Location: Texas, USA
from the Album:  Warband
the Song is:  Warband
Link: /
N4. ROB ZOMBIE Officially Confirms His Long-Rumored Movie Reboot Of ‘The Munsters’

G5.Dave Grohl writes foreword for first-ever John Bonham biography

N6. JUDAS PRIEST’s ROB HALFORD Reflects On Coming Out As Gay On MTV: ‘It Was Very Unplanned’

Artist: CRS
Location:  Sonora, Mexico
from the Album:  The Collector of Truths
the Song is: The Daydreamer’s Nightmare
Link: /
If you’re in a band and you’d like to be considered to be played on the Disciples of the Watch podcast, please email us 
In our next episode, we’re going to do a Track-By-Track on Poison’s ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In”.
I can’t believe I just typed that.

10 glam metal albums you should definitely own

Artist: Ratt
Album: Out of the Cellar
Song: Wanted Man

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