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202 Independent Music Special 2022 Vol. 5 April


Thank you for tuning in to another APRIL INDEPENDENT MUSIC SPECIAL episode of the Disciples of the Watch!

This is our monthly music special where we highlight new releases from bands from around the world from the previous month and share a selected song with you to check out.

In this episode – which is volume two of two – we feature bands from all over the world; well, minus North American locations. For that, you’ll need to head to http://www.dotwpod.com to check out episode 201.

Remember, If you like ANYTHING that you hear head on over to dowtpod.com and I’ll have links to all of these bands for you. Go check out their releases, and if you’re so inclined, buy their music and support them!

BLOCK ONE: Band / Location / Link
Geometry of Chaos (Italy) Facebook Page
Echoes of Decay (Greece) Facebook Page
ΩЯRΑ (Orra) (Greece) https://orraband.bandcamp.com/
Vanderlust (Italy) Facebook Page
Lionsoul (Italy) http://www.lionsoul.it/

BLOCK TWO: Band / Location / Link
Wasteland Viper (Netherlands) https://wastelandviper.nl/
Steelbourne (Denmark) https://steelbourneband.wixsite.com/
Impact Approved  (Germany) Facebook Page
The King’s Head (Netherlands) Facebook Page
Lovell’s Blade (Netherlands) https://www.lovellsblade.info/
Black Negative Domination (Germany/USA) Facebook Page

BLOCK THREE: Band / Location / Link
Dirty Shirt (Romania http://dirty-shirt.com/
Mr. Giant & The Broken Stone (Portugal) Bandcamp Page
Heterogeneous Andead (Japan) https://www.heterogeneousandead.com/
Postcards from New Zealand (New Zealand) https://postcardsfromnewze.wixsite.com/pfnz
Seventh Station (Slovenia) https://seventh-station.com/

BLOCK FOUR: Band / Location / Link
Junction 28 (UK) https://www.junction28band.com/
Mara (Sweden) http://maraofficial.se/
Anniken (Norway) Facebook Page
Movment (Ireland) https://www.movment.ie/
Autómata (France) Bandcamp Page
Theigns & Thralls (Europe) https://theignsandthralls.com/

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