DotW #52 Featuring Music from RITUAL SLAUGHTER and ASTRIDE THE LINE


Episode 52 3/26/2016

In this episode we’ll discuss current events, what’s Nate been listening to, independent music from Ritual Slaughter from New York and Astride the Line out of Minnesota, we’ll discuss some tidbits from the music-related podcast community in the Podcast Roundup, and we’ll talk about Scott Ian’s list of 10 albums that “blew his mind.”


2 Minute Metal Meltdown:
1. Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ Selected for Preservation by U.S. Library of Congress
2. SLAYER’s PAUL BOSTAPH states ‘It’s Not Easy To Try And Emulate’ What DAVE LOMBARDO Does
3. METAL CHURCH Guitarist’s ‘Horrible Realization’ About The Music Business
4. Comedian JIM BREUER Feels ‘Really Bad’ About Invading AC/DC’s Privacy
6. Cover Artwork Of ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica!’ Unveiled
7. OVERKILL’s Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth Talks New Album, Reveals Release Date
8. Metallica launch The Four Horsemen remaster
9. Video Available of Reunited Original Lineup Of EXCITER Performing In Montreal
10. DEVILDRIVER Premieres New Single “Daybreak” With Heavily Reconstructed Lineup
11. KREATOR Frontman Misses METALLICA’s ‘Rebellious Spirit’
12. DEF LEPPARD Singer JOE ELLIOTT Is ‘Back To Normal’ After Battling Vocal Issues
13. SEPULTURA’s Former Manager Calls Out Band For Being ‘Obsessed’ With MAX CAVALERA
14. Cult New York Thrash Metal Act DEMOLITION HAMMER Reforms, Schedules First Show
15. ROB ZOMBIE’s ’31’ Film Gets Official Release Date
16. SLAYER’s KERRY KING On Playing ‘Big Four’ Shows With METALLICA: ‘I Think That Was Important’
17. QUEENSRŸCHE Singer Says Bands Can No Longer Afford To Take A Year Off From Touring
18. DAVE MUSTAINE On Which Member Of METALLICA He Is Closest With: ‘None Of Them’
19. SAMMY HAGAR Looks Back On His Original Exit From VAN HALEN: ‘Grunge Was Kicking Everyone’s Ass But Ours’
20. Partially Reunited GUNS N’ ROSES Reveals Cities For North American Tour
21. DISTURBED Frontman Calls Out Fan For Texting During Concert: ‘Are We That Boring?’
22. Exodus’ Zetro Thinks Metallica will return to classic thrash sound

Podcast Roundup:

Eddie Trunk

No Guitar

Talk is Jericho

Talking Metal

If you have a podcast or have a favorite one that you’d like to turn me on to, please email me a link at!

What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Deep Purple
Album: Machine Head
Song: Lazy


1. METALLICA’s Minneapolis Stadium Concert Sells Out In Less Than 10 Minutes

2. MAYHEM To Be Rejoined By Singer MANIAC For SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL Performance

3. OVERKILL Has Eleven Songs ‘Fully Demoed’ For Upcoming Album

4. MAX And IGOR CAVALERA To Perform ‘Roots’ At AMNESIA ROCKFEST; SEPULTURA Also Scheduled To Appear

5. Rumors Persist That AXL ROSE Will Sing For AC/DC

Artist: Ritual Slaughter
from the Album: Depraved Sacraments Split
the Song is: Sword to Profanation

Artist: Astride the Line
from the Album: Fallow Fields
the Song is: Heart of Darkness

If you’re in a band and you’d like to be considered to be played on the Disciples of the Watch podcast, please email us at

1. Thrash Metal Board Game


2. VESPERIA/Fatal Illness Management

EP Stream and purchase link:

4. Dissident Clone


If you have any news you’d like to share regarding your band please email us at


Anthrax’s Scott Ian: 10 albums that blew my mind

10. Chris Stapleton – Traveller (2015)
9. Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002)
8. Bad Brains – I Against I (1986)
7. Run DMC – Raising Hell (1986)
6. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak (1976)
5. Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East (1979)
4. Motörhead – Ace Of Spades (1980)
3. Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (1980)
2. AC/DC – Powerage (1978)
1. KISS – Alive (1975)
Artist: Yngwie Malmsteen
Album: Inspiration
Song: Sails of Charon (Scorpions Cover)


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