210 IMS Volume 8: Canada Day/US Independence Day Special

It’s that time of the month! Oh, wait… Ahem – It’s time for our monthly Independent Music Special! And in honor of Canada Day AND Independence Day, I’ve decided to put out an all-Canada/US special. (Our 2 most popular locations for submissions, by the way.)

20 songs by 20 different artists representing Canada and the USA for your listening pleasure. So stop trying to blow your fingers off lighting fireworks (USA – I’m looking at you) and tune in and turn it up!

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Artists for this episode:

Band/Artist – Link – Song Title
Taking Balfour https://www.takingbalfour.com/ The Watcher and the Witness
Elektric Mistress https://elektricmistress.com Chapter 99
Rebel Priest https://rebelpriest.bandcamp.com/ Bonfire
Dali Van Gogh https://www.dalivangoghmusic.com/ Little Hell
ITUS https://www.facebook.com/ITUSDOOM Sturgeon
Sam Astaroth https://samastaroth.bandcamp.com/ Demoncore


Band/Artist – Link – Song Title
Old Heavy Hands https://www.oldheavyhands.com/ Runaround
Split Image https://splitimage.bandcamp.com/ Socialized Crucifixion
Buried Realm https://buriedrealm.bandcamp.com/ He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
Sygnal to Noise https://www.sygnaltonoise.com/ A Path To Follow
Seeking Sirens https://www.facebook.com/Seeking-Sirens-106356298217556 Grip
Tubefreeks http://tubefreeks.com/ Release the Crow
Torchlight Parade https://www.torchlightparade.com/ Never Laugh When A Hearse Rolls By


Band/Artist – Link – Song Title
Dust Prophet https://dustprophet.com When The Axe Falls
Eye of the Destroyer https://eyeofthedestroyer.bandcamp.com/ What Goes Around Comes Around
Vante https://www.vanteband.com/ Thunder & Rain
Our Dying World https://www.facebook.com/ourdyingworldofficial Under The Hunter’s Blade
Mordian https://mordian.bandcamp.com/ Gethsemane
Outlanders https://www.facebook.com/outlanders.mke Séance

Störmbreaker https://linktr.ee/stormbreakerband Never Again

Submit your music – music@dotwpod.com

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