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DotW 168: SLayer Worst To Best

Well, we couldn’t do a Megadeth ‘Worst to Best’ without doing a SLAYER!! ‘Worst to Best’ episode, right?!

Well, here you go! We took a long, hard look at the Slayer studio works and then took the task of ranking them in our preferred order and then compared them to Metalhammer’s list to see how they compare.

So turn it up, and feel free to carve a little nod to Slayer in your arm while you’re at it!


Episode 9 Featuring Daemonokrat


Episode 9 May

Episode 9 << File link

Notable releases in 1983 along with Kill Em All.

Dio – Holy Diver
Exciter – Heavy Metal Maniac
Mercyful Fate – Melissa
Slayer – Show No Mercy
Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Tendencies


What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Natur
Album: Head Of Death
Song: Decion
From Brooklyn, New York


1. Anselmo/Wylde stir up more Pantera “reunion” talk
2. Behemoth’ s Nergal: “todays extreme metal scene is all about making a lot of noise.”
3. Samhain at Riot Fest & more
Artist: Daemonokrat
Album: Predators
Song: Predator
Notes:  Sicily, Italy area


4.  Divebomb Records announce David Wayne’s ‘Reverend’ reissues are coming 8-12-2014
5. “Country” tribute to Motley Crue. Yuk.
6. New Megadeth in the works already…


Artist:  Dillinger Escape Plan
Album:  One of us is the Killer
Song: One of us is the Killer