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199 Featuring Music from WAX MEKANIX and METALSTEEL

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Disciples! One step closer to 200!!

In this episode we’ll discuss current events, Nate’s going to share a tune, we’ll enjoy some independent music from Wax Mekanix and Metalsteel, then we’ll wrap the show discussing 10 Metal Bands Formed in the ’80s That Thrived in the ’90s according to Loudwire.com. 

What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Prodigy
Album: Return of the Mac
Song: The Rotten Apple


G1. JIMMY PAGE Is Working On ‘Multiple’ Projects: ‘I’ll Leave It To Your Imagination’

Ozzy Osbourne Tried to Get Jimmy Page on New Album

N2. New MEGADETH Single ‘Killing Time’ To Arrive ‘Any Day Now’, Says DAVE MUSTAINE

G3. Black Crowes Former Drummer Steve Gorman Sues Band Over Royalties




Artist: Wax Mekanix
Location: USA
from the Album: Blunt [Split with Troll Teeth]
the Song is: Head
Link: https://linktr.ee/waxmekanix 


N4. TESTAMENT’s CHUCK BILLY On His Upcoming Debut Solo Album: ‘I Wanna Be Challenged’

TESTAMENT’s CHUCK BILLY Reflects On His SEPULTURA Audition: ‘Luckily, I Didn’t Get’ The Gig

G5. Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Static-X & Powerman 5000 Announced For ‘Freaks On Parade’ U.S. Tour

N6. PHIL ANSELMO Wants To Do An Old School Metal Project With JUDAS PRIEST-Type Vocals




Artist: Metalsteel
Location: Slovenia
from the Album: Forsaken By The Gods
the Song is: Dying Out
Link: https://metalsteel.net/


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10 Metal Bands Formed in the ’80s That Thrived in the ’90s (Grunge didn’t kill off everything.)


Artist: Sepultura
Album: Chaos AD
Song: Territory


Episode 20 featuring music from MORTIFICATOR

This episode we talk about current events, what’s Nate been listening to, independent music from Mortificator,  as well as an all new episode of ‘Huffing the Ass of Fame’ with the Reverend Poky Bunge!!
A member of the band Black Tusk has been seriously injured in a car/motorcycle accident. The following has been posted on their Facebook page a short time ago:

Last night Athon and his Girlfriend Emily were involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Its my understanding that a car ran a stop sign in front of them and they had no chance to avoid a collision. He is currently in the ICU, and the doctors have him in an induced coma to monitor his injuries. Emily is currently coherent and recovering in the hospital. The doctors are telling us that all we can do know is wait and see. We will post updates as they become available.
– Andrew
Our thoughts go out to Athon and his family, as well as fans of Black Tusk.
Slipknot enters #1 yet again. Here’s a statement from the band:To Everyone That This May Concern:

Once again we have received the #1 album in the country, for the second album in a row. By achieving this, it reconfirms that our culture is still alive. I would like you to know that we are blessed and honored to have the fan base that we have. You have always been there for us and I am honored that you, the fans, would keep us in your soul. Because of that, you should know that we will always be there for you. We love our fans and that will never change.

Thank you. Be safe. Take care of each other. We are all we’ve got. Stay (sic).

What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Megadeth
Album: Killing Is My Business and Business Is Good
Song: Looking Down The Cross  
Notes:  released on June 12, 1985
 1.  Tridroid Records is proud to announce that we will be releasing  Target Earth by VOIVOD on cassette.
Tridroid Records Online:
2. AC/DC Drummer PHIL RUDD: Procuring-Murder Charge Dropped
3.  WAYNE STATIC’s Wife TERA WRAY: ‘WAYNE Was Not Taking Drugs And Did Not OD’
4.You Can Own A Piece Of QUEENSRŸCHE
5. Early Metallica albums to be remastered and re-released as ‘Deluxe Editions’
SONG INTERMISSION (Featured Independent):
Artist: Mortificator
Album: The 14:59 Sessions [Demo]
Song: Loss of Soul
Notes: Visit www.mortificator.com for more information and visit www.mortificator.bandcamp.com for a free download of the demo.
6. Clobberboot from Minneapolis, MN has taken a small break from performing nearly every weekend to do some more recording for their next E.P.
7. Impaler – the CLASSIC Metal band from the Twin Cities of Minnesota have announced today that they’ll be offering a CD single for their track ‘Krampus’ at their next show in St. Paul, MN. http://myspace.com/impalerhorrorrock
8. The Brazilian band SCELERATA will once again be supporting the legendary Paul Di’Anno.
Check out SCERLERATA at http://www.scelerata.com
Megadeth Rust In Peace 2004 edition vs. Original version. What The Fuck!
Artist: Voivod
Album: Target Earth
Song: Empathy for the Enemy