DOTW Episode 43 Featuring Music from GORGATRON


Episode 43 10/27/2015

Former OBITUARY Bassist FRANK WATKINS Dies At 47

Podcast Roundup:

No Guitar is Safe:

Ritual Madness Podcast:

New podcast: Talk is Jericho

Liar City:


Talking Metal:

Eddie Trunk podcast:

2 Minute Metal Meltdown:
RITCHIE BLACKMORE: Second Rock Show Announced For 2016 – He plans to film and record the performances for future release!!

New CHASTAIN Song ‘All Hail The King’ Available For Streaming

WITCHCRAFT To Release ‘Nucleus’ Album Next Year

SLAYER’s ‘666 Red Ale’ Officially Licensed Beer Now Available From Sweden’s NILS OSCAR COMPANY

WARRANT Is ‘Talking To’ Producer MICHAEL WAGENER About Next Studio Album

CANNIBAL CORPSE-Branded Beer ‘Amber Smashed Face’ Coming Soon

Spotify Owes Victory Records $23,000 in Unpaid Royalties

Metal Church “behind the scenes” video of new album available:

Dave Mustaine Fires His ‘Stupid Ass’ Guitar Tech

Is ATHEIST’s Next Album Going To Be Its Last? Story on

Abbath Says He Felt Forced To Quit IMMORTAL

Extreme Metallers Aborted Have Been Banned for Dubai After Angry Parent Complains About Their Lyrics

MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Says Daughter’s Country Music Aspirations Prompted Move To Nashville

Drummer Chason Westmoreland Splits with Hate Eternal; Hannes Grossmann Named Temporary Replacement

DEEP PURPLE Performs Two New Songs In Lodz, Poland – video highlights available

Tom Araya is on the cover of Bass Guitar magazine’s November issue!

L.A.’s Legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill Shut Down Due to Cockroach Infestation

GEOFF TATE Breaks Down Differences Between European And American Audiences (America is also pretty fixated on hip-hop and ‘bro country’)

HELLOWEEN To Celebrate 30th Anniversary With ‘Hellbook’ Release

SLIPKNOT’s JIM ROOT Loses Guitar To Theft

JUDAS PRIEST: ‘Painkiller’ 25th-Anniversary 10-Inch Die Cut Buzz Saw EP To Be Made Available For ‘Record Store Day’

What’s Nate been listening to?
Artist: Satan’s Satyrs
Notes: Vocals, Bass Guitar, and Hammond by Clayton Burgess of Electric Wizard – Formed in Virginia 2009
Album: Die Screaming
Song: Show Me Your Skull


3. Anthrax Talk ‘Spreading the Disease’ Reissue, ‘Fascist Guitar Playing’
STROMTROOPERS OF DEATH: ‘Speak English Or Die’ 30th-Anniversary Reissue Due In November

4. DAVE MUSTAINE Talks New MEGADETH Lineup, Sets Record Straight On His Upcoming Book


Artist: Gorgatron
from the Album: Inner Supremacy
the Song is: The Year Nineteen Nagasaki

If you’re in a band and you’d like to be considered to be played on the Disciples of the Watch podcast, please email us at

5. Pirosaint


6. Cold Kingdom

7. Cryptopsy

8. Manticore / Ritual Slaughter split


If you have any news you’d like to share regarding your band please email us at


50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time

What is hair metal? According to Urban, it’s the following:

“A form of 80’s teenybopper music made primarily by effeminate men wearing makeup and dressed like women, with stereotypical 80’s big hair. After an initial wave of it fizzled out in 1987, it resurfaced just a couple of years later with a short-lived new breed of even lamer bands. Success in hair metal was primarily achieved through placing primary importance on the ability to pose for the camera, and comprising your band with simpletons with little or no musical ability, much less creativity. Once the formula was in place, it was just a matter of finding gullible losers to buy into the swindle. MTV, which started out as a music television channel, obliged, making this subgenre of wimp rock popular at the time. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of hair metal was it’s juvenile lyrics.

Never intentionally bad, the lyrical wasteland was a direct result of the limited intellectual capacities of the band members.Hair metal was made popular by bands like Poison, Warrant, Winger, Slaughter, White Lion, Trixter, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Kix, and the Bulletboys.”

50 Lord Tracy, ‘Deaf Gods Of Babylon’ (1989)
49 Mr. Big,’ Lean Into It’ (1991)
48 Precious Metal, ‘Right Here Right Now’ (1985)
47 Lita Ford, ‘Lita’ (1988)
46 Kik Tracee, ‘No Rules’ (1991)
45 Pretty Boy Floyd, ‘Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz’ (1989)
44 Kiss, ‘Lick It Up’ (1983)
43 Vixen, ‘Vixen’ (1988)
42 D-A-D, ‘No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims’ (1989)
41 Winger, ‘Winger’ (1988)
40 Stryper, ‘To Hell With the Devil’ (1986)
39 Vinnie Vincent Invasion, ‘Vinnie Vincent Invasion’ (1986)
38 Britny Fox, ‘Britny Fox’ (1988)
37 Bang Tango, ‘Psycho Café’ (1989)
36 Alice Cooper, ‘Trash’ (1989)
35 Badlands, ‘Badlands’ (1989)
34 Junkyard, ‘Junkyard’ (1989)
33 Saigon Kick, ‘The Lizard’ (1992)
32 Great White, ‘…Twice Shy’ (1989)
31 Slaughter, ‘Stick It to Ya’ (1990)
30 BulletBoys, ‘Freakshow’ (1991)
29 Dangerous Toys, ‘Dangerous Toys’ (1989)
28 Black ‘N Blue, ‘Black ‘N Blue’ (1984)
27 L.A. Guns, ‘Cocked and Loaded’ (1989)
26 Poison, ‘Open Up and Say… Ahh!’ (1988)
25 David Lee Roth, ‘Eat ‘Em and Smile’ (1986)
24 Enuff Z’Nuff, ‘Enuff Z’Nuff’ (1989)
23 Hanoi Rocks, ‘Self Destruction Blues’ (1982)
22 White Lion, ‘Pride’ (1987)
21 Dokken, ‘Under Lock and Key’ (1985)
20 Love/Hate, ‘Black Out in the Red Room’ (1990)
19 Warrant, ‘Cherry Pie’ (1990)
18 Cinderella, ‘Night Songs’ (1986)
17 Def Leppard, ‘Pyromania’ (1983)
16 Twisted Sister, ‘Stay Hungry’ (1984)
15 Quiet Riot, ‘Metal Health’ (1983)
14 Warrant, ‘Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich’ (1989)
13 Extreme, ‘Extreme II: Pornograffiti’ (1990)
12 Whitesnake, ‘Whitesnake’ (1987)
11 Tesla, ‘The Great Radio Controversy’ (1989)
10 Cinderella, ‘Long Cold Winter’ (1988)
9 Motley Crue, ‘Too Fast for Love’ (1981)
8 Kix, ‘Blow My Fuse’ (1988)
7 Faster Pussycat, ‘Faster Pussycat’ (1987)
6 Ratt, ‘Out of the Cellar’ (1984)
5 Skid Row, ‘Skid Row’ (1989)
4 Mötley Crüe, ‘Shout at the Devil’ (1983)
3 Bon Jovi, ‘Slippery When Wet’ (1986)
2 Poison, ‘Look What the Cat Dragged in’ (1986)
1 Def Leppard, ‘Hysteria’ (1987)

For more “Hair Metal” idiocy, visit LA Weekly’s list of the top 15 Hair Metal bands of all time, which includes Twisted Sister and WASP:

Artist: Nuclear Assault
Album: Pounder
Song: Pounder